Sunday, October 17, 2010

Family get together and first trial night in the camper

We had our annual family get together and stayed in the camper for the first night. We LOVED it.

I had a great time with family. I love spending time with family and we all gathered around and my “comedian” brother made up songs about every thing some drunk family member would say. Of course you should have seen my mother doing the “Charlie Horse” dance, when in reality she just had a Charlie horse in her leg and my brother made a whole song around it. Great Times!!

All in All the whole weekend was GREAT!!! I have been looking forward to this weekend for months now. The camper was great. It kept so warm in there with the furnace. We are going to have to do some winterizing while keeping it ventilated so after my accounting homework is over I will be researching.


Our Finished Carved Pumpkins!!

Note: Third one from the left does have a butt..hence the see through.(8 year old friend of the Nephew) Fourth one from the left has “bullet holes” (knife stabbings) including .50 caliber holes. (8 year old nephew)

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  1. Good to hear of a successful first night out in the camper! Love the "Jacks", bullet holes and all :)

    97 Roadtrek 170P "Taj Ma Trek"