Wednesday, October 13, 2010

This Journey is Beginning!!!

So our journey of living in a camper to get out of debt has actually been put into motion. We bought the camper on Friday and has started to update it this week. We will be moving out of this expensive apartment and trade it in for a 15 foot camper that we will live in for a few months..Dave Ramsey..I would like to ask one question..Is this Gazelle Intense?

We have been following Dave Ramsey for a few months now and we have decided to take it the next step and really dig down deep and get this debt thrown out the window and save up some money for a down payment to that dream home that we have been wanting for years.

We have been beat down to the ground and digging down deeper. It all started when we get married in June of 2008. A few months later our little 6 year old nephew. The same little boy with a big smile on his face running around in his tuxedo and smiling for the camera every time it came near was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor. We lost our sweet little pickle on Christmas Eve of 2008. About two weeks later, I am laying in bed and feel real funny and stand up and notice that my water has broken prematurely at only 22 weeks with our sweet little Keegan. I am on complete bed rest for 2 weeks in the hospital. The day before I was to be moved to a bigger hospital with a NICU our little man decides he is done fighting. That day I learned that a sweet little boy that we would never meet had so much love given to him. You could see in everyone’s eye’s that he was loved and always will be. I will hold his spirit and the little bit of memories I have of him in my heart FOREVER!!

Three months later, my husband and I both lose our jobs at the same place, within a weeks time of each other. And to think that wasn’t the second worst thing that we had gone through in the 6 prior months. So Needless to say that our first year of our marriage wasn’t the greatest. I know they say the first year of marriage isn’t easy, but SERIOUSLY!?!?!

After going through all this I believe my husband and I are even closer. Now I’m not saying there hasn’t been rough patches, but we are still wading through it and coming out even stronger.

So now we are beginning this new chapter of our lives.


  1. My heart goes out to you. What a tragic series of events you are surviving. You sound resilient and hopeful. I hope it all works out for you. Hugs, Gurlzone

  2. That is an incredible first year! I can't imagine the intense sorrow you have dealt with, but my heart goes out to you as well. If you can get through a first year like that, you truly can do anything! Very inspiring! I wish you both the very best from here on!

    97 Roadtrek 170P "Taj Ma Trek"