Monday, November 29, 2010

First Night!!

First night in the camper was Great!! We are now all moved out of the apartment and the hubby starts his new job Wednesday. Everything is starting to fall into place. I was going over our budget last night and I can't wait to get started on paying this debt off. It won't take long now. I have about two more weeks of this semester and have a little break between semesters. Going to be real busy during that little break though. Well back to my accounting homework.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Few Favorite Postsecret Secret’s from this week

So I will start this out by saying that I found this website about a year ago. It started out as a community art project to allow people to send in anonymous postcards with their secrets on them. They have raised a bunch of money for suicide prevention and I think it is such a great idea. Some of these “secrets” really hit home.

Each week I wait, wait and wait for each Sunday..or for my little “secret” (I can’t wait and I cheat to see if they posted on Saturday night)

So each week I am going to try to post my favorites. They might not all pertain to me, but some might just stick out to me.


This one is a little cheer on for me since I’m going back to school. I was working at a local factory until two weeks ago making about $7.50 an hour and every evening that I would walk into that place I would look forward to getting off work to go home and study. Ironically, this secret pops up this week.



This one is just great!



This one reminds me of my mother. I love that woman and one of my favorite things about Christmas season is spending time at their house and hear her singing Christmas songs while making her most famous Christmas cookies.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

2 Week Countdown Begins

Well two weeks from now we will be living in a camper!! We still have quite a bit to do with packing and moving, but it will all get done. It has to, we are now on a time limit. I have been trying to keep my head up with everything. I think I’m just stressing out, because we have a time limit. I have been working at my new job for a week and a half now and I LOVE it. I am only working part time, but my second week they have asked me to work full time this week due to another department’s assistant being out next week for vacation. I am pretty proud of that. My boss actually got a call from human resources Friday and they also wanted me to come to their office and help out with some stuff they were behind on. He got off the phone and said “My gosh, you are a wanted woman.” Something to be proud of for my second week of the new job. Maybe it will just turn into a full time position permanently.

Another note: Hunting season has begun!! What was I thinking trying to schedule a move during hunting season. Hubby went hunting all day today. I guess his gun wasn’t sighted in and he missed a 9 point buck.  

Saturday, October 30, 2010

No “modern day” conveniences

So I have been thinking lately how our lives have been “bogged down” with all these different things taking up so much of our time. My friend and I were talking about how we always say we don’t have time, we don’t have time. I do agree that sometimes things get very busy, but at the same time some of the things that are taking up our time are so worthless. We say we don’t have time to meet a good friend for lunch, but we have time to sit in front of the computer on Facebook for two hours. When I get home from work the husband lays down on the couch and starts up the TV and I go directly to my laptop. I am so tired of it. That is one thing that I look forward to simplifying my life. Now don’t get me wrong I love the internet as much as the next person, but I think that it has gone to the point that I am addicted. I feel that technology has spoiled us to the point that we wouldn’t know what to do without it. I feel that I am going to get a lot more done with my schoolwork also. I am not going to be able to run to my computer every time I want to check what my Facebook friends have posted. I am looking forward to my simplified life.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

New Part Time Job!!

So I went to an interview on Wednesday for an Administrative Assistant in Purchasing. I GOT THE JOB!! I got the call on Thursday and I am so excited. I am going to try to work my full time job and the part time for a little while until next semester begins. I want to jumpstart this debt reduction thing with a bang. I am going to try to just hold the part time job when next semester begins so I can go to night classes.

This week I also rented our storage building so we can begin to move the stuff in there and get started with everything.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Family get together and first trial night in the camper

We had our annual family get together and stayed in the camper for the first night. We LOVED it.

I had a great time with family. I love spending time with family and we all gathered around and my “comedian” brother made up songs about every thing some drunk family member would say. Of course you should have seen my mother doing the “Charlie Horse” dance, when in reality she just had a Charlie horse in her leg and my brother made a whole song around it. Great Times!!

All in All the whole weekend was GREAT!!! I have been looking forward to this weekend for months now. The camper was great. It kept so warm in there with the furnace. We are going to have to do some winterizing while keeping it ventilated so after my accounting homework is over I will be researching.


Our Finished Carved Pumpkins!!

Note: Third one from the left does have a butt..hence the see through.(8 year old friend of the Nephew) Fourth one from the left has “bullet holes” (knife stabbings) including .50 caliber holes. (8 year old nephew)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Lyrics from one of my favorite songs

I was listening to one of my favorite bands today at work and I thought this line from the song really brought out some thoughts. I have been a little afraid of jumping into doing this, but I have decided that it is SO worth it.

Blind Melon’s song “Change”

They all look at me and say “Look at him, I’ll never live that way” That’s ok their just afraid to change.

Pictures during the renovation


The new flooring looks AWESOME!!

Note: The Yoohoo can!! The Hubby’s fuel.

Two next projects. Re do the upholstery on the bed/couch and replace the dish towels with real curtains.



New Shelf Hubby created for the microwave. Used to be two old drawers that barely opened with a bunch of junk in them.

Hubby is quite the Handy Man!!


Thought I would throw in a picture of our Pup Zelda..We will be sharing this 15 foot space with this Gal!!

A few shots of when we first bought it



Thursday, October 14, 2010

Renovations to the Camper

The camper is a 1971 Chateau. It is an older camper, but it is in decent shape for the year. All it needed was some updating.

The hubby has tore up the flooring and got all of the new flooring in except in the bathroom. He painted the ceiling and the backsplash. It is looking much better so far.

When we bought the camper the curtains were hand towels. Those were tore down the first day we got it.  So I will be finding some new curtains and re-upholstering the couch/bed.

We started to de-clutter and pack the apartment. I am all gung-ho about getting rid of half of the clutter that is laying around. We are going to find a storage unit this weekend and start getting some stuff moved out of here and get rid of most of the junk laying around. One thing I am looking forward to the camper is not having so much stuff laying around cluttering up not only our home, but also our lives. I don’t care what anybody says, but when you have so much stuff laying around it can really get your mental state cluttered also.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

This Journey is Beginning!!!

So our journey of living in a camper to get out of debt has actually been put into motion. We bought the camper on Friday and has started to update it this week. We will be moving out of this expensive apartment and trade it in for a 15 foot camper that we will live in for a few months..Dave Ramsey..I would like to ask one question..Is this Gazelle Intense?

We have been following Dave Ramsey for a few months now and we have decided to take it the next step and really dig down deep and get this debt thrown out the window and save up some money for a down payment to that dream home that we have been wanting for years.

We have been beat down to the ground and digging down deeper. It all started when we get married in June of 2008. A few months later our little 6 year old nephew. The same little boy with a big smile on his face running around in his tuxedo and smiling for the camera every time it came near was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor. We lost our sweet little pickle on Christmas Eve of 2008. About two weeks later, I am laying in bed and feel real funny and stand up and notice that my water has broken prematurely at only 22 weeks with our sweet little Keegan. I am on complete bed rest for 2 weeks in the hospital. The day before I was to be moved to a bigger hospital with a NICU our little man decides he is done fighting. That day I learned that a sweet little boy that we would never meet had so much love given to him. You could see in everyone’s eye’s that he was loved and always will be. I will hold his spirit and the little bit of memories I have of him in my heart FOREVER!!

Three months later, my husband and I both lose our jobs at the same place, within a weeks time of each other. And to think that wasn’t the second worst thing that we had gone through in the 6 prior months. So Needless to say that our first year of our marriage wasn’t the greatest. I know they say the first year of marriage isn’t easy, but SERIOUSLY!?!?!

After going through all this I believe my husband and I are even closer. Now I’m not saying there hasn’t been rough patches, but we are still wading through it and coming out even stronger.

So now we are beginning this new chapter of our lives.